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Curcumin, the main ingredient in turmeric isn’t absorbed well into our bloodstream in its inactive state. Our livers like to make substances water soluble for easier processing in our body, Once curcumin enters our body it is rapidly absorbed into the liver and intestine wall – this means that most of the turmeric goes unused by the body – unless it is consumed with black pepper -black pepper contains piperine, a powerful inhibitor which slows the absorption process.

Because turmeric is fat soluble (dissolves in fat) oil must be added so that the curcumin is absorbed directly into the bloodstream via the lymphatic system – skipping over the liver – our organic turmeric is blended with the highest quality MCT oil as the carrier resulting in an amazing product with massive health benefits – some of the symptoms that turmeric may assist are:

Arthritis / Rheumatoid relief
 Aches & Pains
 Supports thyroid function
 Balancing hormones and cholesterol
 Skin Disorders
 Brain function & health / overall well being
 Restless Leg Syndrome
 Boosts immune system

SIZE: 50ml
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